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Nontoy Gift Ideas For Toddlers Who Have Everything

Nontoy gift ideas for toddlers are incredibly useful, especially when they already seem to have everything or you don’t know what they have.  Many of the gifts on this list are consumable, which will make the toddler’s parents will make the parents happy because it won’t take up space in their house forever!

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If you’re like me, buying gifts for anyone is a little stressful, but coming up with toddler gift ideas seems to be even more difficult.  In the past, I’ve dreaded coming up with toddler birthday gift ideas for all my son’s classmates.  Most toddlers only have a few items they actually want, have more toys than they’ll ever play with, and unless you know them well, it’s hard to know what books and toys they already have.

When it comes to gift ideas for toddlers, I have 23 nontoy toddler gifts I routinely buy when the holiday comes around and none of them simply add to an already cluttered house.  As you will see, the many of these gifts don’t add to the clutter because they are consumable gifts for toddlers!


1.  Bath Tablets

My little boys absolutely love taking baths so they can play with these colored bath tablets!  They love to mix two different colored tablets together to see what color it makes, making it educational!

Tip: I’ve noticed some tablets are signficantly brighter than others.  The one I’ve linked to is good quality!


2.  Bath Crayons

Bath crayons are tons of fun for toddlers!  It helps them work on fine motor skills as well as helps them start identifying colors.  I typically play some unofficial version of Pictionary with them on the side of the tub!  We’ve used these bath crayons and they easily erase from the side of the tub with a wet washcloth!


3. Bath Finger Paint

My boys love to finger paint in the bathtub and it’s way easier to clean up than the regular ones! I’ve used these bath finger paints and they easily wash off the tub.


4. Bath Crackles

Bath Crackles are essentially “Poprocks” for the tub!  My kids love hearing these crackle and we try to make one package last 2-3 bath times!


5.  Foam Soap

Toddlers have SO much fun with this foam soap!  My kids love to fill bath cups up with this foam and then sprinkle the bath crackles (from above) to make “cupcakes” in the tub!


6.  Toddler Crayons

What toddler couldn’t use a few more crayons, especially ones that are designed for them!  Depending on their age, I would suggest getting these crayons because they will be easier for them to hold!


7. Coloring book

Find a coloring book to accompany the crayons!  From my experience, you can’t go wrong with Sesame Street, Thomas the Train, or anything Disney!


8. Color Wonder Markers and Paper

Color Wonder markers and paper are great for budding artists!  The markers only appear to have a color when used on the special Color Wonder paper, meaning that scribbles on your carpet, wall or furniture should remain invisible!  Great for traveling!


9. Playdough

Our kids have a basic playdough set, but during the year, many of the Playdoughs have gotten dried out.  Why not restock up their stash and buy a set of these?


10.  Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is so much fun because it has a unique consistency.  It’s hard to describe what it’s like, but the sand particles stick together but are incredibly moldable at the same time.  My toddlers LOVE playing with this (and so do I)!

Tip: Kinetic sand is different from playdough.  It never dries out.  Even if they have some, I think its replacing every once in awhile, because usually I start finding little pieces of carpet/dirt in it.


11. Bubbles

What toddler doesn’t love bubbles?  Also, what toddler has dumped out all of their mom’s stash of bubbles in one swift motion?  Bubbles are cheap, easy, and toddlers LOVE them.


12. Chalk

Toddlers love sidewalk chalk and it’s a gift that is easily consumed!


13.  Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are such a fun gift, as there are so many different ways your toddler can enjoy them!  Our kids love putting them inside balloons and having glow parties in the dark.  We also routinely put them in the bathtub and turn out the lights.  This kit includes connectors to make glasses, bracelets, necklaces, and flowers.


14.  Echo Dot for Kids

A toddler may seem a little young for an Echo Dot, but let me tell you why it’s a good gift for them.  First of all, there’s no screen component to it.  If the family belongs to Amazon Prime (I think many families do), they can play a lot of kid appropriate music for free.  They can use this speaker to play fun songs like Going on a Bear Hunt or Freeze Dance.  You can also use this speaker as a baby monitor, as you can “drop in” from another device (including a smartphone with the Alexa app) and listen into their room. You can also use this as a simple bluetooth speaker, so they can listen to audiobooks or as a white noise maker.


15.  Yoto Player

This device has lots of fun things kids can use it for!  Just like the Echo Dot for Kids above, it is essentially a Bluetooth speaker, but there’s lots of other things it does as well.  First of all, it’s portable, so your child can carry it around wherever they’ like.  One of it’s main uses is to read books to your kid, but the downfall to this is that you must buy the “book” cartridges from the company.  I think it’s also important to realize though that a child could stream audiobooks from a device (like a phone or tablet) which could be acquired for free from the library. Definitely an up and coming device!


16.  Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush is a fun gift, as it may help the child get more excited about brushing their teeth.  Even if the child has one, they’ll need another soon!


17.  Moonlight Projector

A Moonlight Projector is a super fun device that can be used at bedtime.  This is basically a device that is similar to those red goggle viewer that had reels you put in it as a kid and looked at the images.  There is a small projector that goes over the flash of a smartphone and the reels contain images from books.  The words for the story appear on the phone screen, with buttons you can push to make sounds, while the child looks up at the projected image on the ceiling.


18.  Scoop Chair

These chairs are SO fun for toddlers and preschoolers.  They look simple, but the chairs are stackable and light weight.  Kids can wiggle and rock in them, which is great for listening to a story or watching a show (so they can wiggle, and hopefully not jump on the couch!)


19.  Highlights Magazine Subscription

Getting a Highlights Magazine in the mail was so much fun as a kid.  Here is a link to Highlights Magazine Subscription targeted to kids ages 2-6.


20.  Cratejoy Book Subscription Box

This book subscription service will build the child’s library, by sendidng the a box of books monthly.  Great for preschoolers.


21.  Memberships to Local Zoo or Museums

Memberships to things that the family already belongs to and needs a new membership to are always nice.  Memberships could be to the zoo, children’s museum, or science center.


22.  Tickets to an Event

Tickets to a live event, like Sesame Street Live or Paw Patrol Live.  I would suggest consulting with the parents before you buy, because I know that when my boys were in the 2-3 year old range, they wouldn’t have sat still long enough to make going worth it.  That being said, I know kids that most definitely did go to those events and had a great time.


23.  Class Memberships

Purchasing swim lessons or paying for a class like Kindermusik is a great gift (after consulting the parents of course!)


Hope this post gave you some good ideas for nontoy toddler gifts!  What are some of your favorite gifts for toddlers?

Stay savvy,






Struggling to find a gift for a toddler who has everything? Here's some great ideas! Written by a mom of a toddler with too many toys! Picture of a toddler playing with a colorful toy.

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