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6 Places to Find Good Quality Used Baby Gear

When you’re expecting, the thought of buying everything you will need can be completely overwhelming. I bought a lot of used baby gear and saved thousands of dollars off retail prices before each of my children’s first birthdays. Here are the 6 places I routinely shopped for good quality used baby gear.

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Baby Shower Gifts New Moms Want

Baby Shower Gifts New Moms Want In a hurry?  I totally get it!  Click here to pin this for later! Baby shower gifts can be tough, because you want to give something special and unique, but you also want to give the mom something she needs and wants.  Yes, that rustic wooden sign is gorgeous,…

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freezer meals for beginners,

Freezer Meals for Beginners

Freezer meals are something every busy mom should keep! If you have considered freezer meals in the past and have no idea if they would work for your family or even how they work, this is a great post to get you started!

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10 Nontoy Gift Ideas For the Toddler Who Has Everything

Giving gifts to toddlers is hard for a number of reasons. First of all, they usually don’t have many gifts they actually want. Second they typically have WAY too many toys and third, unless you know them well, it’s hard to know what toys and books they already have. This post contains 10 nontoy gift ideas for toddlers who have everything (or who you don’t know very well!)

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