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10 Nontoy Gift Ideas For the Toddler Who Has Everything

Giving gifts to toddlers is hard for a number of reasons. First of all, they usually don’t have many gifts they actually want. Second they typically have WAY too many toys and third, unless you know them well, it’s hard to know what toys and books they already have. This post contains 10 nontoy gift ideas for toddlers who have everything (or who you don’t know very well!)

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How to Clean Your House Quickly

Stressed about the mess? Here’s How to Quickly Clean Your Home

When my house is messy, it REALLY stresses me out, not because I want it to be perfectly clean, but because it makes it easier for my toddlers get into things they aren’t supposed to.  Here’s how I quickly clean my house so that it’s clean enough to keep my kids safe. Includes a FREE printable checklist so you can clean yours quickly too!

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Why I Won’t Be Cooking a Thanksgiving Dinner

When it comes to hosting Thanksgiving, it can be downright overwhelming.  First of all, if you’re like me, you feel obligated to clean your house.  We’re talking really clean, like cleaning the light fixtures and baseboards clean.  When guests walk in your door, you’re secretly hoping to portray that your house is always in this perfectly decorated and pristine state.  But on top of cleaning, there’s another matter that’s even more time consuming and stressful – the food. 

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