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Diaper Calculator: Is this a good diaper price?

Diaper prices are downright confusing; there are so many different package sizes, the number of diapers varies based on the size, and each store has their own special boxes.


When I’m out at the store shopping, I routinely use the calculator on my phone to determine if a price is good.  Because I know that calculating diaper prices can be complicated, I made a SUPER convenient calculator tool for you to use, so you can quickly determine if you are getting a great deal!


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For your convenience, I added the table showing the absolute highest price you should pay for diapers directly below the calculator tool. (Go to that post if you want to know where these numbers come from).   


Instructions for the calculator can be found after the price table.



Price Comparison of DIaper Prices by Brand and Size

Instructions for Diaper Price Calculator:


To use the calculator, simply click on the desired field and enter the information.  The only mandatory fields are the Price of the Package and Number of Diapers.  All other fields are optional.


  • First Row: Price of package.  Simply enter the price of the package, like 32.99.
  • Second Row – Number of diapers: enter the total number of diapers in the package.
  • Third Row – % Off. Can be used to take off a certain percentage.  For example, if you get 5% off with your Redcard at Target, you can put a 5 in this box.
  • Fourth Row – Coupons or Giftcard Deduction: Can be used to enter coupons (like $3 off) or the amount you’d get for a free giftcard with your purchase.
  • Fifth row – Price Per Diaper.  The price you pay per diaper!

I would be happy to hear your thoughts on this calculator.  Did it work for you?  Do you have any suggestions to make it more useful?  


Hopefully this post makes your busy life, a little easier.  That way you can spend more time enjoying your child(ren).


Stay savvy!

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  1. I’m not pregnant yet, but starting to pay attention to diaper prices to help get the best prices along the way. I haven’t used the calculator yet, but really appreciate it, it seems like it will be extremely helpful! Thank you!

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