Welcome to my blog, I’m so glad you’ve come to visit!  My name is Sarah and I’m a mom to two crazy little boys, a 2 year old and 1 year old.  I also have an amazing husband, Micah.  You can learn more about our family on my About page!

My blog is in its infancy, I just started building it in March 2017.  If I had to describe my blog in one word, I would use the word practical.  Because life is complicated, let me help you out by sharing the things I’ve learned.  I will provide you with practical money saving tips, like how to save an average of 30-40% on groceries (without coupons).  The PhD researcher in me will help you sort through some muddy topics, like why it’s important your child sit in a rear facing carseat for as long as possible.   And the somewhat sane human being in me will offer you practical (and easy) tutorials on how to express your creative juices, from decorating your home on a budget to making personalized gifts.

I hope you will find some practical and helpful ideas here to make your life less complicated.  I also hope that you will subscribe, so you can be updated when new posts become available.

Stay savvy,




Posts to look forward to:

  • How I Cut My Husband and Kids’ Hair (Saving us Hundreds Annually)
  • Saving Money on Kids Clothing and Toys
  • How to Save Money When you Buy Carseats
  • Which Healthcare Plan is Really the Best Value?
  • Living Room Makeover on a Budget
  • Giving Old Furniture a New Life
  • Preparing for a Baby on a Budget
  • Tutorials for Cheap and Easy Cricut Projects (with FREE SVG files!)

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